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"There are some disabilities that are more apparent than others...the truth is, not every disabled person uses a wheelchair. There are many people walking amongst us with hidden disabilities; disabilities that are not immediately apparent. It is that hidden aspect of one's self that we struggle with in deciding whether or not it is necessary to let the world know.

Allow that disability trait, be it hidden or open to shape you into the person that you desire to be, but do not allow it to define who you are or even define the way you allow people to see you." 

Who are you? What is your disability? Nicola Reefe, a Dominican national recently published her first novel which allowed readers to peer through her life which unbeknownst to many has been lived coping with what she dubs "an Ability."

In the new inspirational autobiogrpahy, Reefe allows the reader to also take a look into their own lives and discover the disabilities (abilities) that they too may posses. "Truth is, not every disabled person uses a wheelchair" she says. 

The read is garnished with countless experiences and life lessons that has allowed this young Caribbean woman to rise above what many may have deemed a major obstacle and maps out how she has been able to live an authentic, unapologetic and rewarding life. 

Such examples of bravery, determination and confidence among young Caribbean women are the pride of our organisation and so with that pride in hand, we asked Nicola to accompany us on one of our latest School Visits. There, we were able to provide primary school girls with advice on discovering self, transitioning from one life stage to the next (primary to secondary school) and also inspirational lessons. 

Nicola's experience elicited numerous questions from the curious minds of the girls and they were indeed "touched" as they put it, by her resilience, strength and her ability to rise above her challenges. 

Like Nicola, there is something that many of us may be struggling with. Something that we may think makes us less than, or limits our abilities. That "disability" as Nicola put it should not be viewed as a hindrance, but should motivate us to achieve whatever we set out to do. 

"Do not be like a mirror reflecting everyone's perception of who they think you are of what they think you should be. You, with help from the almighty Father, are the only one who can decide the person you will be. What people will know about you will be what you show them."

Nicola Reefe (Left) and Charlie Ann St. Cyr (Right) speaking to the Primary School girls, Trinidad  Photo © Curtis Henry

Nicola Reefe (Left) and Charlie Ann St. Cyr (Right) speaking to the Primary School girls, Trinidad
Photo © Curtis Henry

Copies of the book can be found here

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