Because, lets face it, this natural hair thing is hard!

I have never been the super excited natural with tons of products and natural hair posts, nor the one with the "nappyversary." I've always been the girl with the natural hair; the girl who thought that the best thing for her hair was to without restraint, let it grow 

But now, heaven alone know how many years I've been into this thing and I am fed up. 
Let's be real - if you're half as busy as I am when the day comes to an end the last thing you have on your mind is chunky twists or a Satin scarf. Furthermore, the last  thing you want to spend your time doing is raking your fingers through dry tangled strands of hair. 

I'm an honest girl. My best days are the ones where I wear a protective style. I wake up flawless - (well, close enough.)

Truth be told, I'm beginning to believe half of these bloggers who make it seem so easy aren't real (no offense girls). Why can't I wake up with bouncy curls and killer twist-outs. I know, I know - I don't prep my hair for them. Herein lies my big problem. Like many of you, I can't seem to find the time. 

So where does that leave me? Frustrated! Yup, that's right. But amidst all the frustration, there are a three important life lessons that my natural hair has taught me. 

The Journey Never Promised to Be Easy
Looking through all these YouTube videos, although it seems easy, many of these bloggers never promise that it will be easy. You often times hear: "When you keep doing it, you will get used to it." But have I listened? I still expected easy - sadly. 

Like our hair, there is a reality that faces us everyday...life is hard. Work, relationships, health, hair - it is all a hard feat. God never promised that our journey would be easy, but he did promise that it would be worth it. 

Consistency is Key
Truly, I may be fed up with my hair but I've learned that that may be as a direct result of my lack of patience and dum du du dummmm... Consistency. Following a routine and taking great care of your hair religiously will eventually pay off. 

So it is with life. I've also learnt that in order to accomplish anything in life . You need to work hard, be patient and be consistent. Life will reward you eventually. 

Love Yourself - Hard
As a natural haired woman, you have to learn your hair - its likes dislikes and truly get to know your stands. When you have that knowledge, you will then be able to provide what your hair really needs. After all, why would you keep feeding your hair with products that just aren't working for it. 

The same is with life, we have to learn to truly love and appreciate ourselves. In so doing we can possess all the self-love in the world. We are smart and gifted women who have so much to offer the world. In order for us to shine though, we must first see how worthy we are of the love that others may be waiting to give to us. We need to first learn to love and appreciate ourselves for who we are. We are all special and worthy of love. Let's begin by giving that love to ourselves. 

So, naturally I'm fed up, but I will not trade my natural hair because it teaches me so many life lessons on a day to day. In addition to these major life lessons, it teaches me that I am versatile and can adapt to change, it teaches me patience and responsibility. it also teaches me about self care. 

What has being natural taught you about life? Leave us a note down below, we’d love to know!

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